Superior Mud Cleaners   

Series 500 B4



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UNIT 104 on LAND



Finer, sharper particle separations at high capacities

Fewer cyclones needed for optimal performance

Easy maintenance


De-silter cones                                                       High maintenance cost

De-sander cones                                                     Additional equipment

Double header cleaners                                         Excessive cone plugging

Extra pumps and piping                                              Undesired solids


The Superior Hydro-Cyclone                                          

The Superior Hydro-Cyclone is an entirely new Cyclone - re-engineered from Premiere Inc. The Superior Hydro-Cyclone has the capability to produce finer and sharper particle separations, using large, high Capacity cyclones. This performance level was formerly only achievable using many small diameter cyclones, at a much higher capital cost.

The Superior Hydro-Cyclone design includes new modern apex and cone designs that feature performance enhancing benefits as well as one inch thick elastomer for increased wear life. The cyclone inlet and cylindrical sections have been modified to minimize turbulence and wear, but still have the capability to operate at much higher capacities than our competitor's cyclones.

The Superior Hydro-Cyclone produces the performance you need with large diameter cyclones while operating at pressures up to 125 PSI!

Benefits of the Fluid Conditioner                                      

  • Drill solids and contaminants can be removed from the mud system from the start to completion
  • Fluid Conditioner (TM) minimizes the need for using several solids control systems such as desanders, desilters, mud cleaners and centrifuges
  • Continuous operation gives better hole stability, lessens rig repairs, increases bit life, less fill up during trips, minimizes stuck pipe caused by a high build-up of solids and better electric logging conditions
  • Reduces mud costs in terms of chemical consumption, dilution and waste water haulage
  • Easy to operate and maintain, less service required. No complicated adjustments to be made
  • Proven results-Test data concludes solids content, plastic viscosity and yield point remain within the recommended limits practiced by field engineers using either water or oil base muds
  • Rugged construction for long reliability
  • Can be customized to fit various oilfield needs




The Superior Fluid Conditioner (TM)                  

    The Superior Fluid Conditioner was developed from the initial concept of Dr. A. Hayatdavoudi who is presently the head of the Petroleum Engineering Department of the University of Louisiana Lafayette (ULL). The theoretical and experimental research was conducted at the University of Wisconsin in 1973. The research focused on hydrocyclones and their use in separating solids from liquids and the underwater recovery of minerals by hydrocyclones. The subject of Dr. Hayatdavoudi's dissertation on hydrocyclones led to a novel and basic design of fluid conditioning and several models of it have been patented. This new design and its' different versions are used in Superior Fluid Conditioner (TM). The fluid conditioning system is mounted over a low profile shaker. The pumping unit which feeds the system is a 6"x5"x14"  centrifugal pump powered by a 100 H. P. electrical or diesel engine.

    There are several major differences in comparing standard solids control equipment with the Superior Fluid Conditioner (TM), which are:

  • Preferential separation of solids by hardness, particle size, shape, frictional resistance to flow and density. This is a feature that often exceeds that of a centrifuge without accompanying dilution.


  • Higher fluid processing capacity (1,200 g.p.m.).


  • Mechanical dilution takes place within cone body of fluid conditioning system, therefore making the system a more efficient particle separator.


  • Low gravity drill solids are removed much more efficiently from the high gravity material


  • The Superior Fluid Conditioner (TM) is designed to be used for the total duration of the well





General Specifications                                                    

Series:                            500
Model:                             B4
Motors:                           Two each 1200,1500 or 1800 rpm
                                        exp. proof or non-exp. proof available
Bearings:                        Permanently sealed and lubricated
Motion:                            Linear, 0.23"A(1200), 0.156"A(1500),
VGS:                               Force adjustable to 7.0 "G" maximum
Deck Adjustment:          Adjustable 0° to 5° uphill
Screens:                         Three each 29" x 42" pretensioned
                                        panels with Wedgelok™ fasteners
Screening area:             25.4 ft2 [2.36 m2]
Overall dimensions:      100"Lx74^1/16"Wx72^5/8"H
                                        2540mm x 1881mm x 1845mm

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